DSC_0408January Sadler resides in beautiful northern New Mexico, USA. She has traveled coast to coast in the US – and loves to photograph everything.

She has a BA in Cultural Studies with a Certificate in Peace and Justice Studies at The University of New Mexico.

This website is more than just pictures — it is a vision of photography with insight, information, and imagination.

***All of the photography on this website was taken and copyrighted by January Sadler. If you want to use a photo, you must get written permission. If you want to share a photo, you must show copyright info and link back to this site. Changing, editing, or claiming any photo as your own, is prohibited.***


Business Clients:

Izilwane Part-time photographer/contributor (2014)
Sage Institute, part-time photographer (2014)
~  Stray Hearts Animal Shelter, Taos, NM (2013-14)
Izilwane, Part-time Outreach Asst (2011-12)
~  Habitat for Humanity, Taos, NM (2010)
Mirabai Starr – author photo (2010)
Karen Baldwin – author photo (2010)

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